Data Science in Greece. What is the current situation ?

Data science and data analysis turn to be very important tools for companies who want to be competitive in the next years. Data science is a collection of methods and statistics that are used to analyze data and extract useful information through programming. This information can be used for marketing, advertisement, research, and development thus making it a powerful tool for a company to grow and evolve. Data science in Greece may be in an early stage but many companies started to adopt and use these techniques in their companies. 

Many experts say that data is the oil of this century, meaning that information that can be extracted from the billions of bytes created daily can have a powerful impact on society if it is used correctly. Therefore every company should adopt these new technologies because with a small investment in human expertise you gain a large return on investment. For example out of the top 100 startups in Greece, 64 use data science to some degree. Therefore today we see even startups with a relatively small budget to invest in data science again several benefits.

In figure 1, we see the category that each startup specializes in, it is clear that there are plenty of different categories of startups using data science to increase the productivity of their company. And hopefully today a few of these greek startup companies aren’t only based in Greece but they also developed international activity. Figure 2 shows the greek startups using data science around the world, spreading in all continents with most of them being in Europe and America. 

At the time this article is written there are approximately 55 open positions for data science, AI, and machine learning scientists in Greece which is a good indicator of the need for these technologies and the opportunity for new job positions in the market. Therefore now more than before a community must be created that will help this knowledge spread and evolve. Also, a close collaboration between companies and universities is important because plenty of research is being done in universities but it is hard to be applied in the companies creating a gap between academia and industry.

As analysts say, Greece may have not taken part in the industrial revolution but can’t afford to not take part in the digital revolution that is happening right now.

Figure 1                                                                                       Figure 2

By Ilias Chamatidis