Upskilling: Upgrade your tech skills to advance your professional development

Especially in the field of technology, the future requires upskilling. In an area where many changes are taking place and innovations are following one another, the labor market could only move accordingly. Today, a successful professional that knows how to work and contribute to the constantly evolving working environment. Employers are looking for professionals who can meet the challenges and have the necessary knowledge and skills to solve modern problems. The good news is that every new qualification that the market demands today is an opportunity to redefine your position and develop your career.

Do you have the skills that are in demand for the future?

The 4th Industrial Revolution brought terms such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Internet of Things into our lives and of course this creates new conditions in the working environment. The only way for current professionals to meet the job demands is to constantly upgrade their skills or even change careers. Thus, making flexibility the number one skill. The best choice is programs that meet the real needs of the industry and combine the teaching of academic knowledge with the development of personal skills. One such program in which you can learn all the new technologies related to Data Science is the Data Science Bootcamp of Big Blue Data Academy.

According to research, new technologies will reshape jobs and skills. Technology changes the working environment and at the same time makes it necessary for each of us to develop the personal skills that make him unique and irreplaceable.

Today we are moving towards a model where digital skills and technological knowledge are given and skills such as analytical and critical thinking, leadership skills, effective communication and presentation of results become critical for professional life.

Digital transformation: New opportunities

In Greece, digital transformation is going to change the working landscape. With the "Greece 2.0" program, our country harmonizes with the goals of the European Union and is led to a digital development model. According to the National Recovery and Sustainability Plan "Greece 2.0", 2.36 billion euros will be used for digital and technological transition. Therefore, new impressive professional opportunities will appear in the field of technology and Data Science. While the public sector is upgraded digitally at a rapid pace, the general shift in perceptions and mentalities is not surprising, and advanced technologies are digitally transforming the vast majority of businesses. New and established companies open their doors to people with updated qualifications who have the resources to make a difference and lead them to success.

Upgrading Employees' Skills

By 2022, more than 54% of all workers will need to upgrade their skills to meet the demands of the labor market. The value of this upgrade is recognized by companies not only on a personal level - for the progress of the employee - but also for the viability of the company itself in a world of high competition that is now evolving at breakneck speeds. Companies today recognize that by properly corporate training they can reap many benefits. At the international level, companies now undertake the training and upgrading of their employees' skills in both technical issues and interpersonal skills. Responding to this need, Big Blue Data Academy enables teams to be trained in Data Science and to acquire the knowledge and skills that will significantly increase productivity and business profitability.

What does a good CV need to include today?

Today the need for continuous learning is clear and this is reflected in the requirements of employers and human resource departments that evaluate CVs. A good CV should show highlight the ongoing learning and development in both technical and interpersonal qualifications. A University degree is the base for development but up-to-date knowledge and evidence that you are constantly evolving will make your CV unique. For employers, continuous learning is very important as it proves the candidate's ability to adapt to the needs and evolve - two elements that are extremely necessary nowadays. Especially in the field of technology, bootcamp that bridges the academic knowledge with the needs of the industry provides a significant advantage to candidates who want to develop or change career.

How do I upgrade my skills?

Nowadays, there are several options online courses MOOCs (bulk open internet courses), webinars and other educational programs can help you to learn something new in weeks. In addition, Greek and international universities could provide academic knowledge online. The Big Blue Data Academy organizes full-time or part-time Data Science Bootcamp programs that prepare you for work by providing the tools that employers really care about. You can explore your options for the different programs regarding Data Science based on duration, cost and effectiveness.

Big Blue Data Academy supports women actively

If you are a woman and you are interested in machine learning or artificial intelligence now a unique opportunity is created for you and the Big Blue Data Academy is here to support you.

By Evgenia Profi