The Big Blue story

Hello, welcome to Big Blue Data Academy!

We are Dimitris and Sophia, the founders of the academy. We are passionate about new technologies, and we decided to create our immersive programs when we realized the need for Data Science training in the market.

Industry 4.0 is revolutionizing the way businesses operate and grow. Our experiences so far made it clear that most business sectors stand to gain from staff that is highly skilled in applying the latest tech developments and solving problems in a data-driven way.

Data-driven decision making is becoming the norm, and we want to help both businesses and individuals reach, and even exceed their goals.

To that end, we created short yet structured training programs that bridge academia and industry. We are proud to offer a three-month Data Science program that enables students to work and contribute from day one. We are firm believers in learning by doing, and we see the value in putting knowledge to practical use.

Our story

Our personal journey

After we finished our higher education in Greece, it was time for us to continue abroad, learn new technologies, and gain work experience. So, we moved to Switzerland, a country recognized as a world leader in innovation since 2012. For nine consecutive years, it ranks first in the Global Innovation Index in two output categories:

Innovation Knowledge & Technology

Switzerland is a beautiful, well-organized country that values progress and offers opportunities for professional growth. However, we have to say that moving there had its challenges. The environment is highly competitive, and we had to prove our worth every step of the way. Today we are both established professionals here, and we are eager to bring innovative practices to Greece.

Dimitris holds a Ph.D. in Physics from Swiss Federal Institution of Technology Lausanne (EPFL) and has worked as a Data Science Program Manager and Consultant at Propulsion Academy in Zurich. He has already trained more than 100 Data Scientists so far, and some of his students now work in companies like UBS, SWISS Airlines and ebay.

With a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology and extensive experience as a Research Fellow at the University of Bern, Sophia is more than qualified to manage challenging educational projects.

We are both very excited about our Big Blue endeavor and the opportunity to bring our know-how to our homeland.



Join us!

Sophia Verouti & Dimitris Mousadakos.

More than Data Science

For us, Big Blue Data Academy is so much more than a place of knowledge and training. It is an opportunity to change the mindset in data-driven businesses while contributing to Digital Transformation in Greece.

Mission and Vision

We bring our know-how and a network of companies and individuals who share our dreams and aspire to bring change. We create a dynamic community of Data Scientists who help and support each other throughout their careers.

Why us

Accelerate Your Data Science Career

Big Blue Data Academy provides accelerated Data Science training programs and courses that prepare people for employment opportunities across all industries as Data Science professionals:

 Data Scientist Data Analyst  Jr. or Associate Data Scientist  Data Science Consultant  Machine Learning Engineer