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Data science skills are increasingly essential to any business that wants to make the leap to Industry 4.0. Today's digital transformation poses some of the most difficult challenges to businesses. We help companies who want to drive innovation in the digital age by designing flexible Data Science Corporate Programs according to your business requirements, taught on your site or on our premises. 

Our experienced Data Scientists will equip your teams with the most advanced tools and techniques to create a data-driven culture and tackle business challenges. Your team works on real data from your operations, and the result of their training is immediately applicable. Empowering your staff to use cutting-edge technology and applications to your advantage can make all the difference in a competitive market.

Gain the competitive advantage

 Automate processes using Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence

 Improve operational efficiency

 Enhance customer experience

 Build better services & products

Fully customized

Set your business requirements. Our team of experts will design your Customised Corporate Program.

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Choose the program that suits your needs from the following list. We offer courses for every level of expertise.

Corporate Training Programs

Big Blue Corporate Training courses range from Data Literacy to advanced topics of Machine Learning, enabling you to build robust data science and analytics skills across your organization.

Data retrieval from Databases and the Web

Data retrieval from Databases and the Web

  • Apply queries (SQL or NoSQL) to retrieve data
  • Access information from APIs
  • Webscrape data from the web

Level: Beginner
Duration: 3 Days
Prerequisites: Basic coding in Python

Data Science for Managers

Data Science for Managers

  • Learn foundational concepts, methods, and vocabulary to lead effectively your team
  • Learn to identify opportunities that AI can predict and how is changing many business models

Level: Beginner
Duration: 3 Half-Days
Prerequisites: Basic Math and Statistics

Data Cleaning and Exploration with Python

Data Cleaning and Exploration with Python

  • Turn your data in a structured way
  • Get a fast feeling of your data using visualizations and statistics
  • Identify patterns in your data

Level: Intermediate
Duration: 3 Days
Prerequisites: Basic coding in Python

Artificial Intelligence for Business

Artificial Intelligence for Business

  • Learn the key topics in Machine Learning using Python
  • Apply AI/ML techniques to solve internal business problems

Level: Advanced
Duration: 4 Days
Prerequisites: Python, Math and Statistics

The Big Blue Benefits
The Big Blue Benefits

Drive your business growth

Digital Transformation

Your business adopts the latest Data Science and Machine Learning techniques to transform into a data-driven organization.


Innovation in practice

Our Data Scientist Instructors will train you to identify better alternative solutions to address an existing problem.


Increased efficiency

Applied Data Science increases dramatically the efficiency of your operations.

Why Choose Us
Why Choose Us

Corporate Programs highlights

Measurable progress

Using Project-based work, we track and measure your team's learning progress.


Customized content

Training and project work are designed according to your needs.


Robust support

Dedicated Data Science instructors lead your team throughout the entire learning process.

Program Pricing

Customized Corporate Programs

Our Data Science Customized Corporate Programs are designed and delivered according to your specific business requirements.

Pricing options range according to the duration, the location of the training, and the subjects being taught.

Launch your career as Data Scientist