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March 06 - June 08

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22 February

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About the program

Become a certified Data Scientist in 3 months

Our bootcamp gives you the skills and the network you need to launch your career in Data Science. Experienced professionals bring real-world experience to the classroom, and career advisors help you get hired as Data Scientist, Data Analyst at Junior or Intermediate level. You will learn how to extract meaningful insights from data, use Machine Learning to solve business problems, and communicate your results with appealing dashboards.

Who this Bootcamp is for

  • Undergraduates, graduates (Bachelor, Master or PhD) and professionals who want to upskill and work in the fastest growing business field of Industry 4.0

  • Career changers who want to reskill their knowledge and become Data Scientists

  • This Bootcamp is created for people who are committed to a successful career path and challenge themselves with hard work

13 weeks

Week 1 to 9:
courses & exercises

Week 10 to 13:
Final project

Weekly schedule
40 hours/week

Monday - Friday:
9.00 – 18.00


Live Online
550 training hours

Language: Greek
Content: English

Stats & basic programming


100% success!

All our graduates get hired in less than 3 months.

Big Blue benefits

Become a Data Scientist in 3 months

Big Blue Academy's bootcamp gives you all the skills for a successful career in Data Science. You gain on-demand knowledge and techniques required by industry and the ability to apply them to solve real-world problems.


Learn by doing

Practical training in dealing with real-world examples and solving actual business problems

Showcase your work

Build an impressive Github portfolio from our project-based curriculum and present your final project at the Career Day

Connect with our professional network

Our Bootcamp enables you to connect with an extensive network of hiring companies and businesses

Certified industry oriented program

Our program gives you the skills employers are looking for


What You Will Learn

At Big Blue, we provide a best-in-class, comprehensive curriculum that enables participants to become data scientists who understand the business thinking behind any concept.

Python for Data Science

Git and Bash Shell

Big Data and Cloud Computing

Machine Learning, Deep Learning and NLP

Visualizations, Interactive Dashboards & Power BI

Data Retrieval: Databases, APIs and Webscraping

Program outline

The Bootcamp week by week

We structured the Bootcamp so that every week you learn something new, leading to the Final Project that puts to the test everything you have learned. Your new in-demand skills are solidified and demonstrated through this real-world application.


Get access to pre-work materials

Start with the Pre-work at home to brush up your knowledge in Python, Math and Statistics. These 40 hours of preparation work will get you ready for the first day of the bootcamp. It must be completed before the first day of class.

Data Cleaning

Week 1: Exploratory Data Analysis
Learn Python for Data Science, make EDA using Python, pandas and share your code using git.


Visualizations & Dashboards: matplotlib and seaborn, dash & Power BI

Learn to build beautiful interactive dashboards with graphs and geodata and communicate your results with business-like presentations.

Individulal Project: Data Exploration

Regression & Statistics

Week 2: Regression & Machine Learning fundamentals

Learn Regression and Machine Learning using sklearn. Access APIs to get data and make interactive dashboards. Advance in OOP in Python.

Week 3: Regression & Statistics

Inference and inductive Statistics. Use time series analysis to forecast. 
Learn SQL to access data from databases. Craft an impactful CV. 

Individual Project: Regression


Week 4: Classifiers

Logistic Regression, KNNs, Naive Bayes, Random Forest and Boosting.
Learn to scrape data from the web.

Week 5: Clustering

Hyperparameter tuning, PCA, Hierarchical clustering, t-sne, K-Means, Outlier detection.
Intro to servers and cloud computing with AWS.
Build an appealing Linkedin profile.

Individual Project: Classification

Big Data, Deep Learning and NLP

Week 6: Big Data and Neural Networks

PySpark and distributing systems, Neural Networks and CNNs with keras.
Apply machine learning concepts using Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Weeks 7 - 8: Computer Vision and NLP

Autoencoders, Variable autoencoders, object detection algorithms and time series analysis using RNNs.
Access text data from NoSQL servers (MongoDB).
Classic NLP and NLP with deep learning for recommender systems, LSTM and Transformers.

Group Project: Computer Vision or NLP

Final Project

Weeks 9-12: Final Project

Work on your final project on a business problem with a company.
Get the opportunity to network with companies actively seeking Data Scientists during Career Day.

A day in bootcamp

Active learning:  25% - 75%

We use the active model to help participants to achieve higher goals.  During each day we spend max 25% of the time for theory (lecture, live coding, code reviews) in order to get you as fast as possible to the exercises, where the real learning and fun begins!

Our team is by your side!

Continuous feedback at every step of the way.  Our instructors and teaching assistants are always present to mentor you, help solve problems and review code.


The daily plan:

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Prepare your coffee
8:45 AM
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Follow the lecture
9:00 AM
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Live coding
Learn coding
11:00 AM
Exercises/ Project
11:30 PM
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60-min break
Time for Lunch
1:00 PM
Exercises/ Project
2:00 PM
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What I learned today?
6:00 PM
Final Project

Work on a Data Science project with a company

At the final phase of the Bootcamp you practice everything you learned by working on a real Data Science project with a company.

Real Data Science project

You get to work on a real-world business project alongside a partnering company in our campus for four weeks.

Professionally done

You will demonstrate your ability to deliver an end-to-end structured project and meet deadlines.

Full support

Our Bootcamp instructors offer ongoing guidance and support throughout your project work.

Career day

The Bootcamp concludes with a Career Day, where you present your project and meet prospective employers.

Career support

We are next to you

You are provided an extensive job placement assistance ranging from individualized resume support and interview guidance to access to our network of collaborators and events.

Career options

Career options

Upon completion of your training, you will be confident to apply, based on the industry and prior experience, to roles as: 

  • Data Scientist

  • Data Analyst

  • Jr. or Associate Data Scientist

  • Data Science Consultant

  • Machine Learning Engineer

Career Curriculum

Career Curriculum

  • Workshops on crafting an effective CV and Linkedin profile.

  • Mock technical interviews and support at every step of your hiring process with a company.

Hiring network

Hiring network

  • Connect with other graduates and business professionals to expand your network.

  • Access to an extensive network and find career opportunities posted by our collaborators.

Lifelong Career Support

Lifelong Career Support

  • Keep always in touch with us and get updates about Data Science through articles and events.

  • Community portal: stay connected with graduates, instructors and spend time with your peers solving issues.

  • We are always there for you to give advice and support to your next career step.

Fees and dates

Tuition Fees and Financial plans

Our programs are limited to 15 spots, apply the soonest to save your seat in the classroom!


Tuition fees are payable in up to 3 installments.
For more details about payment see in FAQ.

Are you working?  Do you have time only in the evening? Check out our Part-time Data Science bootcamp!

Fees 3.500€
15 February
Limited spots available


March 6

Application process

Start your application


Apply to the Program

Submit your application.
Tell us about yourself and your motivation to enroll.


Personal Interview

We contact you to book an interview with a a Data Scientist of our team. We discuss your technical background and career goals. We will provide details about the program.


Technical Interview

We will invite you for a second interview to evaluate your level of programming and critical thinking over a discussion.


Welcome to Big Blue!

You are ready to start your journey in Data Science. You receive the Prep-Work exercises and you work on them before your first day of the Bootcamp.

Launch your career in Data Science

Next Bootcamp: March 06 - June 08