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How to become Data Scientist ?

Pros and Cons for the three main pathways.

By Sophia Verouti

Data Collection and Analysis in Social Media (2023)

Data from social media can be drawn from the various platforms

Why should you learn Python today?

3 + 1 reasons to learn Python right now!

By Evgenia Profi

How did Airbnb become so BIG so quickly?

What started as a home-sharing idea became a huge disruptor in the travel industry.

Big Blue Data Academy

Why is Facebook worth $527 billion?

They must be doing something right! But what? What is the strength behind this giant? In a word: data.

Big Blue Data Academy

What is Machine Learning? 2023 Beginner's Guide

Do you want to know what is Machine Learning? Find out all about it in today's guide!

By Big Blue Data Academy

Learn faster and more efficiently with Active Learning

Active Learning involves the learner in the learning process and places the learner at the center.

By Evgenia Profi

Data Analytics: From excel to Big Data

More and more companies today are analyzing large volumes of data using Data Analytics tools

By Sophia Verouti

MOOCs vs. structured programs: What is the best option for you?

Free online courses or structured programs? What is the right choice for me?

By Evgenia Profi

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