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Data Literacy: Definition and Importance in Today's World

 What is data literacy, why is it important and what are some data literacy skills worth having?

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The 15 Best Events for Women in Tech (2023)

What are some of the best events for women in tech?

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What is FemTech and What Changes Can It Bring?

What is FemTech, why is it important and what changes can it bring?

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5 Applications Built with Python that you use (2023)

Did you know that many of the applications you use on a daily basis are built with Python?

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Spotify Wrapped: how data is changing music

What is Spotify Wrapped? How does it work and offer distinct experiences to its users through data?

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Top 5 in-demand jobs for the future

If you want to know which are the most sought-after jobs of the future, then this guide is for you!

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Learn faster and more efficiently with Active Learning

Active Learning involves the learner in the learning process and places the learner at the center.

By Evgenia Profi