Final Project Proposals

Run a Data Science project with our students for free!

Our mission is to bridge academia with industry. Our graduates are equipped not only with the knowledge but also with the practical skills to start working from day one as Data Scientists. 

During the last month of our bootcamp program, we offer the opportunity to our students to work on a project together with corporations and startups. The projects are full time for our students and last about 320 hours (160 hours/student). Through these projects the students will gain great experience by solving real-world problems using Machine Learning and the company will get a fully documented, end-to-end Data Science Consulting project in return. Your data is safe with us, we always sign NDAs when handling sensitive data.

What is needed from your part?
Submit your idea and spend max one hour with us per week.

Do you have new ideas to try?
Contact us and we will build a project for you!​

Project steps

  •  Submit your idea for final project

  •  We will structure a four-week project and we supervise the students in our campus

  •  Follow one meeting per week to drive the process

  •  Receive an end-to-end Data Science proof of concept

  •  Participate to the Career Day, watch the project presentations and meet the graduates

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