Course Description

Enable your employees to exploit the power of your data!

Do you know that Data Scientists spend 80% of their time on data cleaning and preprocessing? 

In this course you will learn to explore data by using the pandas library and apply advanced techniques to cleanse and manipulate data. In addition, you will use visualization libraries to make beautiful graphs, statistics and communicate your results. Bringing the data to the right “clean” form and obtaining a deep level of understanding is the beginning of every successful AI project.

Course Outcomes

  • Perform data cleaning and analysis in Python using pandas

  • Turn your data in a structured way 

  • Get a fast feeling of your data using visualizations and statistics 

  • Identify patterns in your data

  • Create functions to automate analysis

Training Content

  • Introduction to the Jupyter notebook
  • Python Fundamentals
  • Introduction to pandas
  • Data sources and I/O
  • Data quality
  • Use Pandas functions to clean data
  • Create functions to automate cleaning
  • Advanced data cleaning using regular expressions
  • Fill data using Imputation methods
  • Data Aggregation and Partitions
  • Pandas for exploratory data analysis
  • Data visualization in Python

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