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Conducted in collaboration with Focus Bari, Qualitative Research with personal interviews with business executives during the period (17.02.2020 to 03.07.2020).

Research ID

• Quality research with Personal Interviews (IDIs), f2f in the offices of Focus Bari or in the offices of each company (pro Covid-19 lockdown) | via Skype / Zoom (post Covid-19 lockdown)

• 12 interviews, lasting 1 hour. Interview with a person in charge of the department or data science manager in the company (senior executive or manager)

• Sample structure: 12 companies from 9 different fields of activity (Banking, Computer software, Consulting, e-Shopping, Research / Analytics, Retail, Search engine, Ship / Fleet tracking, Telecommunications)

• Recruitment: a) Telephone strikes or sending an invitation via email to companies through the contact list of Focus Bari and b) via Linkedin premium (Inmail) with a message to appropriate executives.


• 17 / 02-18 / 03 (conducting 7 interviews - pro Covid 19 lockdown)

• 04 / 05-03 / 07 (conducting 5 interviews - post Covid 19 lockdown)

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