What is a Data Science Bootcamp ? Why should you choose it ?


 What is a Bootcamp? 

Bootcamp is an intensive, fast-paced training program that gives you instant access not only to theory but also to practice. In a very short time you gain knowledge and skills valuable for the next step in your career .

 How did the first Bootcamp start?

The idea for the bootcamp started in 2011 when it was difficult for technology companies to find software engineers. The education system focused on theory without teaching the practical skills required in industry. So a decade ago, someone posted for the first time on Hacker News an offer to teach 6 people how to work with code. From that day on, these programs developed rapidly and recently created the Data Science Bootcamps that provide practical supplies and cover concepts such as:

  • Python
  • Git & Bash Shell
  • Big Data & Cloud Computing
  • Machine Learning & Deep Learning
  • Visualizations & Interactive Dashboards
  • Data Retrieval: Databases, APIs, Webscraping

Today there are at least 113 Data Science Bootcamps worldwide, while five years ago there were only 14.

 Bootcamp: an active learning method 

Bootcamp uses more than any other education system the active learning method instead of the traditional passive learning. Active learning includes any activity in which the student is truly involved in the learning process, as opposed to passively receiving information. It is a process that puts learning at the center. It values ​​how students learn and not just what they learn. Students are encouraged to acquire knowledge, rather than passively absorb information. Research shows that we do not impart knowledge to students simply by telling them what they need to know. By actively learning Bootcamp, students master the subject by working on real work challenges posed by their instructor.

 Is it right for you? 

Data Science Bootcamp is suitable for you if you have an academic degree and want to make a change in your career or you want to find a job faster. It is aimed mainly at dynamic professionals who are committed to their career development and are not afraid of hard work:

  • Graduates of higher education who want to upgrade their qualifications.
  • Professionals who want to jump into the dynamically evolving Data Science industry.

Data Science Bootcamp will play a central role in education in the coming years as there is a big demand in Data Scientists generated by 4.0 industry. The Bootcamp can cope with the new educational needs  as it is:

  • intensive
  • focused
  • sort
  • affordable

Also, at Data Science Bootcamp the speakers are industry professionals and can keep you informed of all the latest developments.

The  Data Science Bootcamp at Big Blue Data Academy, in addition to technical and scientific training, also provides Career Support services, as well as access to an extensive professional network of alumni and associates.

If you want more information about Data Science Bootcamp you can contact us here.

By Sophia Verouti