Spotify Wrapped: how data is changing music

It's a fact that data has changed various industries such as streaming, logistics, logistics, and even music.

Of course, it's not only valuable for businesses to make better decisions, but also for the users themselves (when it comes to B2C services) to have an improved user experience.

Spotify, Netflix, Uber, Amazon and Revolut are just some of the companies that have data science at their core.

In today's article, of course, we're going to focus on Spotify and how it has managed to impress its users with Spotify Wrapped!

But let's start with the basics.


  What is Spotify Wrapped?

Spotify Wrapped is an annual Spotify "tradition" where every December it does for each individual user, a summary of all the content they've consumed over the past year.

This means it collects all the data about the types of music they listened to, the artists, the podcasts, and how much time they spent listening to them.

Having collected all of this, it presents it to each user in order to find out exactly what content they consumed and in what quantities.

To give an illustrative example, it may state that a user:

  • Listened to 37 different types of music
  • Listened to 115 different artists
  • Listened to 30 different podcasts
  • Spent 3,562 minutes listening to music
  • Listened to X specific songs on his birthday

As well as who were the top 5 artists who spent the most time listening to their music.

It is worth noting that similar data can be collected from the artists' side, as they can see data about their own listeners in a very interesting way.

Data such as:

  • The total streams of their songs
  • How many hours their listeners spent listening to them
  • How many hours their listeners spent listening
  • What countries these listeners were from

As you can see, this is of great value for every artist, since he is given valuable data that he can use as he wants and understand how well or not he did.

What is also understood is that all of the above is possible through the power of data and its proper management.

After all, Spotify is known for the importance it places on Big Data to improve the user experience of its users, and it does this by having many employees in the data science industry.

Which is another confirmation that data science can be applied almost everywhere, so a good knowledge of it is invaluable.

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Now let's see why Spotify Wrapped is so important.

  Why is Spotify Wrapped important?

Undoubtedly, Spotify Wrapped is based on massive data collection and processing, but the reasons why it was created are related to different things:

Marketing and user experience.


First, from a marketing perspective, Spotify Wrapped is ideal for building virality.

That is, the data presented to each user is so personalized that everyone wants to share it with their friends on social media, showing how important shareable content is.

This is how Spotify's brand is spreading rapidly.

     User Experience

The second reason is the user experience, which is the quality and distinct experience the user receives through 100% personalized data. 

This is something that consumers in general love, as it makes them feel unique and not one with the masses.

Even more so when they are given data about themselves and their taste that even they didn't know or remember having!

After all, Spotify's core principle is the "rule of personalization" or the "principle of personalization", which increases consumer trust and creates a connection between them and the company.

All of what we have seen has been made possible by next-generation technologies such as machine learning and better data management, which are giving businesses more and more options in what they can offer.

Impressive, right?

Now that we've seen some things about Spotify Wrapped, let's summarize.

 In a few words

So we've seen what Spotify Wrapped is, how it works as well as why it's so important.

What's worth keeping in mind from here is that the main pillar of everything we've seen is data.

Data allows us to make better decisions, improve an organization's processes, as well as deliver distinctive experiences to our consumers, just like Spotify did.

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