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Our Data Engineering Bootcamp is tailor-made for people of diverse backgrounds who want to become successful Data Engineers.

We equip you with the most in-demand skills companies are looking for so you can successfully start your career as a Data Engineer after completing the program.

Data Science positions are becoming increasingly necessary!


Akis Gazepidis

Hands-on Training

280 hours of hands-on training, taught by industry professionals, where you’ll get the chance to apply your knowledge and solve real-world problems.

Data Challenges

Build your Github portfolio. At the end, you’ll work as part of a team to create and present an real Data Engineering project.

Hiring Network

Connect with companies, professionals and Alumni from our network, and support your career pursuits. Our Career Advisors support you until you get hired.

Program outline

Become a certified Data Engineer in 3 months!

Data Science Toolkit

Python, Pandas & SQL

Start from beginner Python and SQL and become proficient in coding and analyzing data.

  • Command line / Git - version control
  • Basic to Advanced Python and SQL
  • Data Analysis and visualizations with Pandas


Remote servers, microservices, workflows & automations

You will learn how to connect to remote linux servers, build microservices with Docker. You will create workflows using deployment tools as CI/CD pipelines and data engineering pipelines with Airflow.

  • Remote Servers - linux systems
  • Docker & microservices
  • Deployment, CI/CD Pipelines
  • Workflows and processes
  • Apache Airflow

Data Engineering Fundamentals

Build Data Engineering architectures

You will learn where the heart beats in Data Engineering. From first principles to Data Warehouses and Data Lakes. You will become proficient to handle Big Data with PySpark using real data engineering use cases and how to work in a Data Science team.

  • Data Warehousing, Storage, compute, Data Lakes
  • Stacks: classic, hot-cold, data lake.
  • Hadoop, PySpark
  • Big Data, Data Mesh
  • ELT/ETL Architectures, 
  • Data quality, Data licenses, Data modeling.
  • Data lineage, metadata, testing, monitoring.
  • Agile methodology

Datastores & Storage

Database principles, NoSQL Databases, Webscraping & APIs

Learn to make optimized queries in MongoDB and how to write Python scripts for process automation so you can access data via APIs and webscraping.

  • Facts, dimensions, normalization, pivoting, cubes, indexing, partitioning, distribution styles
  • MongoDB
  • Webscaping
  • APIs

Serving Data
& BI tools

Serve Data, predictions and interactive visuallizations

You will learn to create dashboards for reporting with Metabase, connect various data sources and make beautiful interactive dashboards.

  • Serving data
  • Metabase

Cloud Data

Build end-to-end Data Engineering pipelines in the Cloud

You will learn modern tools and services to create ETL & ELT workflows to build Data Warehouse and Data Lakes on Microsoft Azure.
At the end you will work on a complex Data Engineering project and present your work.

  • Microsoft Azure: Data Factory, Data Blob
  • Real-life case studies from famous companies
  • Final end-to-end Data Engineering project


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What Will You Learn?

At BigBlue, we provide you with hands-on training on Data Engineering and other vital aspects of the field, to equip you with the right Data Engineering skills that will allow you to understand the business purpose behind every data-driven decision.

Python & SQL

Git - CI/CD pipelines

Docker & Airflow

Web Scraping & APIs

Data Warehousing & Data Lakes

Metabase & Interactive Dashboards



Microsoft Azure

Final Project

Apply Your Learnings to the Final Project

Our Data Engineering Bootcamp's final stage is a Data Challenge where you'll have to prepare an end-to-end project and present it successfully

Hands-on training & practical experience

Discover the business thinking and value behind every data-driven decision

Receive full support along the way from experienced professionals and kickstart your career as Data Engineer

Practice your Data Engineering skills with real-world use cases


14 weeks
280 hours

Course: Greek
Materials: English

Basic knowledge
in Python

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Kickstart Your Career in Data Engineering!

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Tuition fees are payable in up to 3 installments. For more details about payment have a look at our FAQ.
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Why Choose Big Blue's Data Engineering Bootcamp?

100% Hands-on Training with certificate

280 hours of in-depth applied Data Engineering knowledge

Human-centric Learning

Our experienced tutors are industry-leaders and provide you all the support you need step-by-step

Hiring Network

You'll have acess to our extensive hiring network, to support your career!

Career Support

Our Career Advisors, from the very first week of the program, prepare you (CV, LinkedIn, technical interviews) for the job search and support you until you are hired!

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Technical Interview

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Welcome to Big Blue!

You are ready to start your journey in Data Engineering. You receive the Prep-Work exercises and you work on them before your first day of the Bootcamp.


Data Engineering refers to the practice of building systems and processes that allow effective collection and analysis of data, for Data Scientists and Data Analysts to process and present.

Many organizations rely heavily on how easily everyone has access to data. As the data grows and becomes more complex in structure, Data Engineering is one of the most important disciplines inside an organization as it helps to organize, transform and serve data effectively to people inside and outside the organization.

If you want to learn Data Engineering you can choose between a Data Engineering Bootcamp like BigBlue’s, Data Engineering Courses, or a masters in Data Engineering

In order to get all the knowledge you need, especially from a Data Engineering Bootcamp that will provide you with the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge to start right after the course as a professional.

The role of a Data Scientist is to process and analyze data that will give solutions to business problems using Statistics and Machine Learning, while a Data Engineer develops systems and Data architectures to make Data available and easily accessible which later the Data Scientist will use for their analysis.

Some of the most important Data Engineering Skills that our Bootcamp will provide you with are:

  • Python and SQL
  • Web Scraping and APIs
  • Data Warehousing and Data Lakes
  • Git - Version Control and deployment automations
  • Data Visualizations with interactive dashboards
  • Data Quality, Data Licenses, Data modeling and Data Lineage

Launch your career as a Data Engineer