Course Description

Access data from any source!


As a Data Scientist you don’t always have the luxury to get the data from files like csvs! Many times you have to get the data yourself from various sources such as Databases, APIs or the web, which can be a very challenging task! Being able to use the most advanced technologies to acquire data will give you the competitive advantage not only in experience but also in terms of flexibility and independence when accessing data to do your analysis.

In this course, you will learn how to make queries to Databases and APIs to retrieve data and explore the fundamentals of webscraping in order to create your own datasets for analysis.

Course Outcomes

  • Learn to retrieve data creating complex queries

  • Explore data in JSON format

  • Interact with APIs and request data

  • Understand Basic HTML and find ways to webscrape pages

Training Content

Introduction to relational databases

  • Tables
  • SQL data types
  • Queries
  • Aggregate functions
  • Learn about the advantages of APIs
  • Use the JSON data format
  • How to create and process API requests
  • Introduction to HTML
  • Use BeautifulSoup and Selenium to scrape data
  • Learn techniques to automate scrapers

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