Top 5 in-demand jobs for the future

We often hear that a person now needs to change profession every 5 to 7 years during their career.

This is certainly a big change from the situation a few years or decades ago, where one did the same profession for almost all of one's life.

Why is this happening?

The simplest explanation is that technology is developing rapidly, so many professions are either no longer "useful" in the market, or they are also developing, with the result that those who do them are required to develop their knowledge at a similar pace.

As a result, professions of the future are constantly emerging to meet new needs created by the development of technology, and it is good to know what they are in order to keep up with the trends of the times.

The professions we will mention are:

  • Data Scientist
  • Financial Manager
  • Software Developer
  • Database Administrator
  • Machine Learning Engineer

Job role #1: Data Scientist

The first profession that is expected to see notable growth in the future is that of the Data Scientist.

Of course, this is a profession that has already grown rapidly in recent years, but the demand for it is expected to grow even more.

This is because the volume of data being generated and called upon to be processed is becoming larger and more complex over time.

In fact, according to research, between 2020 and 2025 the volume of data is expected to grow at an annual rate of 23%, reaching 175ZB (ZB = Zettabyte) at the end of this five-year period.

Furthermore, the size of the Big Data market is expected to grow to $103 billion in 2027!

So, there must be professionals who will be able to manage this and help companies make the best possible decisions.

This is where the Data Scientist comes in who is called upon to process this large amount of data and draw valuable conclusions.

There are several ways to become a Data Scientist, with the main ones being:

  • Education (undergraduate and postgraduate)
  • MOOCs (massive open online courses)
  • Integrated Data Science Bootcamps

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So if you want to enter the world of Data Science and benefit from the rapid demand of the profession, don't hesitate to register for the next Bootcamp!

Expected career growth until 2029: 31%

         Average annual salary in the US: $129,000


Job role #2: Financial Manager

The second of the professions of the future on our list is that of Financial Manager.

As you can tell from the title, this job is related to managing and organizing the finances of an organization.

Specifically, some of the responsibilities of a Financial Manager may include:

  • Identifying financial weaknesses and risks
  • Avoiding these risks
  • Compiling financial studies
  • Setting financial objectives
  • Reducing unnecessary costs

And various other things that will help a company be as financially viable as possible.

Becoming a Financial Manager requires a deep knowledge of a company's finances, which comes from both experience and undergraduate/graduate studies in finance, accounting, business administration and even statistics.

          Expected growth of the profession up to 2029: 15%.

          Average annual salary in the US: $134,180


 Job role #3: Software Developer

Software Developers typically design, build and develop software programs using code.

One of the biggest advantages that software developers have is the flexibility that this profession offers, giving them the opportunity to work for a large company, a startup, or even as freelancers.

Besides, with the growth of software and applications being created every day, the demand for these developers can only increase.


In fact, the market size of the SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) business is growing year on year and is expected to reach $716 billion in 2028.

Understandably, the products of these businesses will be created primarily by Software Developers, making them one of the most sought-after professions of the future.

Expected occupational growth through 2029: 22%

          Average annual salary in the US: $110,140

         Average annual salary in the US: $110,140

 For now, let's continue with our list.

Job role #4: Database Administrator

The next occupation that is expected to grow rapidly in the future is that of Database Administrator, or Database Administrator.

The role of this professional is to maintain a company's databases and ensure that all data is stored quickly, easily and securely.

Of course, as the size of the databases increases, so do the requirements, such as the increase in capacity and generally the increased maintenance requirements they have. 

In terms of the studies that a Database Administrator has to do, they are usually undergraduate/postgraduate in:

  • Computer Science
  • IT (Information Technology)

However, continuing education is also required so that one does not fall behind with the trends and technologies in the market.

As with Data Scientist, Database Administrator is one of the technology careers of the future that is worth investigating if you are interested in this industry.

            Expected occupational growth to 2029: 10%

            Average annual salary in the US: $98,860

 Moving on to the 5th and final occupation on our list.

Job role #5: Machine Learning Engineer

The last occupation that the data shows will be in high demand in the future is that of Machine Learning Engineer.

In the world of data science, Machine Learning and artificial intelligence are integral parts and more and more companies are realizing the need for them.

Typically, a Machine Learning professional researches, designs and builds autonomous systems that automate various processes and help a company make better decisions as well as save time.

If we had to explain more specifically the tasks of such an engineer, we could mention the following as examples:

  • Designing and building autonomous systems
  • Study and processing of data
  • Conducting statistical analysis for process improvement
  • Visualization of data
  • Optimizing systems based on results

As well as many more depending on the nature of each company or project.

            Expected growth of the profession by 2029: 11%

            Average annual salary in the US: $146,085

 In a few words

It is therefore clear that there are several professions of the future that are expected to become in demand in a few years.

We could undoubtedly add many more, but we believe that these 5 are representative as they come from different sectors.

Certainly, the pattern we see is that data science related professions have a long future ahead of them and training on them is more than worthwhile.

As we mentioned earlier, if you want to take advantage of the trends of the moment and specialize in some of the most sought-after future careers, you can take a look at the comprehensive Data Science Bootcamp we've created!

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