Mentoring. How it works, what are the benefits?

You have probably already heard about the importance of mentoring in the development of your career. Especially,  the role of the mentor can be particularly important in the rapidly evolving field of technology. But are you wondering how the mentor will help you take off your career? What exactly does he do, and what benefits can you get?

What is the role of the mentor? What does mentoring mean? 

The mentor is an experienced professional who knows his subject very well and wants to guide you and support you in your professional development. His guidance, mentoring, requires the creation of a relationship of respect and trust. A mentor can be even younger as long as he has experience in this field and wants to help you.

Especially in the field of technology where you need to have flexibility and combine knowledge and personal skills, the mentor will help you understand how to achieve this. It will help you save time and avoid making the wrong choices. His contribution is especially important as he can guide you to learn what you need when you need it. It creates a new pathway and perspective that you may not notice otherwise.

Why is a mentor important?

Mentor has the experience and can give you valuable information that you will not find in books or in Google Search. It can help you discover new ways and find solutions to issues that concern you or overcome a new challenge. As a result; you can achieve your goals much faster! Your mentor can help you to open up new ideas and new opportunities. With his guidance and support, you can reap many benefits on a personal and professional level. These benefits will lead you to better performance but also more targeted options for your development.

The benefits of mentoring 

  • With the guidance of your mentor, you can gain more knowledge, develop your skills and overcome your weaknesses.
  • Through personal guidance, you can make the most of your qualifications and achieve your goals.
  • You are exposed to a different way of thinking that opens your horizons and motivates you.
  • You connect with a network of professionals in the professional field that interests you and you are informed first hand about the news of the industry but also about new opportunities.
  • You gain confidence as you become familiar with the field, the requirements that exist and the real working conditions.
  • You clarify your goals and have a dynamic development without setbacks.
  • You have the opportunity to ask questions, discuss a new idea or evaluate your progress.

The mentor also benefits from this relationship as he connects with a person who has a fresh outlook, fun and appetite for progress. The discussion about priorities, decision making, innovative ideas is refreshing and gives the mentor the opportunity to evolve.

Famous businessmen and their mentors

  • Steve Jobs mentoring Mark Zuckerberg 

“A small amount of time invested on your part to share your expertise can open up a new world for someone else.” – Mark Zuckerberg

How did the Harvard graduate create a lucrative company that has transformed the world? In an interview with Charlie Rose, Zuckerberg talked about his inspiring mentor Steve Jobs. “He was amazing,” said Zuckerberg. “I had a lot of questions for him.” He described how Jobs gave him advice about how he could build a team that was as focused as Zuckerberg on building “high quality and good things”.

  • Warren Buffet mentoring Bill Gates 

“As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.” – Bill Gates

Bill Gates credits part of his success to his mentor, businessman and investor, Warren Buffet. During an interview with CBC, Gates credited Buffet for teaching him how to deal with tough situations and how to think long-term. Gates also greatly admires Buffet’s “desire to teach things that are complex and put them in a simple form, so that people can understand and get the benefit of all his experience.” Buffet is empowered by Gates too. “What I really most admire about Bill is the view he has about what he should do with the wealth he’s accumulated…he knows he’s a beneficiary of a terrific society.”

  • David Shaw mentoring Jeff Bezos

Inspired by former boss David Shaw, the former CEO at Amazon helped build the skills for Jeff to succeed him and inspired a mentoring mentality within him. He has developed ‘technical assistants’ but what is more affectionately known in the Amazon circle as the “Bezos shadow” and opportunity for a select number of Amazon’s executives to follow him around and sit in on meetings. It is a way to nurture the future leaders of Amazon and give Bezos the best idea of who may succeed him in the future. According to the book Jeff Bezos, Tom Alberg, who sits on the board at Amazon, has also been hugely influential in his career as a mentor.

Why is a mentor important professions in tech? 

Especially in the field of technology, the role of the mentor can strengthen not only each professional individually but also the industry as a whole. Today the course of professional development is not always straightforward and many choose to move into technology without having a four-year degree or a master's degree in the subject. A mentor is a person who will guide them according to the needs of the industry and the benefit will be two-way. High-speed programs such as the Data Science Bootcamp from the Big Blue Data Academy enable professionals in other fields to become Data Scientists and have a dynamic career.

Mentor and career in Data Science. Are you thinking a career as Data Scientist ?

It is important to find the right mentor for you. The person who will understand you, will inspire you, and who has the knowledge and experience to guide you. At Big Blue Data Academy, we are always at your disposal, and our trainers are always ready to contribute as mentors to your development.

You can book 1 hour of free mentoring in Data Science. By graduating from the part-time or full-time Bootcamp you become a member of an extensive network of professionals and find the mentor who will guide you.

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By Evgenia Profi