Data Science Bootcamp

The first immersive Data Science bootcamp in Greece. Experienced professionals teach you how to solve real-world problems using ML/AI. Work with a company for your final project.

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Courses created especially for beginners. Learn the fundamental principles in coding, math, and statistics and get ready to join our Data Science Bootcamp.

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Corporate Training

Flexible training courses customised to serve your needs. Your staff works on case-studies from your business and knowledge is directly applied to your operations.

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Who we are

We offer hands-on Data Science training that bridges academia and industry

Our immersive and structured programs enable students to learn all the Data Science tools and methods and apply them to deliver real-world projects. Our role doesn't stop with the completion of the training. Graduates become members of our community for life. We support our graduates in their career paths, and we provide opportunities to built and showcase their project portfolio and further expand their professional network in the field of Data Science.

Why we’re here
Why we’re here

Build your future in Data Science

  • We train the next generation of Data Scientists who drive progress and innovation in the new digital era

  • We create a strong Data Science community in Greece

What our students learn
What our students learn

From data handling to business thinking

Industry 4.0 is here! Automation is continuously getting enhanced by integrating smart and autonomous systems fueled by data and Machine Learning. Our students learn how to navigate in the data-world and thrive in it. 


Main technologies:

  • Python

  • Big Data & Databases

  • Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

  • Cloud Computing

Why choose us
Why choose us

Programs designed based on market needs

Data Science and AI has unlimited potential for solving business problems and driving growth. Our curriculum is tailored to the needs of the Greek industry, based on the results of our market research analysis.

“Greek companies find it difficult to hire junior Data Scientists due to the shortage of practical skills as there is a big gap between Academia and Industry.

Investing in people with the right hands-on technical skills who can understand business challenges is the most important part of the game.”

Findings based on qualitative study by FocusBari among industry experts

What you gain

Our programs give you the right skills and resources

Experienced Data Scientists bring real-world experience to the classroom, while Career Advisors help students get hired. You will learn to extract meaningful insights from data, communicate your results with beautiful dashboards and apply machine learning to solve business problems.

The Big Blue Benefits

 Practical training, not abstract

 Industry oriented curriculum

 Expert instructors

 Access to our professional network

 Career Day opportunities

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