14 Popular Women-Led Tech Companies

In recent years, significant efforts have been made to strengthen female entrepreneurship, as the field of technology continues to be male-dominated.

To bridge this gap, WomenTechEU, after evaluation, has selected a total of 134 deep tech startups led by women, with an increased budget of 10 million euros for 2023.

Women have proven that they provide innovative solutions to many modern problems and continue to do so.

In today's article, we will look at the following 14 popular women-led tech companies:






 Planet FWD






 Maven Clinic

 Verge Genomics


Let’s begin!

 Company #1: Canva

Canva is a popular design tool that offers free access with the option to upgrade to a pro version for a fee.

It was co-founded by CEO Melanie Perkins.

It is a platform that allows users to create professional business cards, flyers, designs, presentations, templates, and more.

 Company #2: Yubico

Yubico, founded by Swedish-American entrepreneur Stina Ehrensvërd, provides one-time password authentication. It works with a simple touch and without client software.

This invention is particularly significant as cybersecurity and phishing attacks are critical issues in today's era.

  Company #3: Mentorloop

Mentorloop is a cloud-based mentoring software platform founded by Lucy Lloyd and Heidi Holmes.

It uses a specialized algorithm to match users with their ideal mentors.

Mentorloop also enables businesses to support and upgrade the skills of their team members.

 Company #4: Werklabs

Werklabs, founded by Anna Auerbach and Annie Dean in 2016, aims to change the way large businesses approach flexibility.

It functions as a platform that creates predictive analytics solutions to help businesses foster flexible cultures through data.

Employers can make effective decisions using the collected data.

 Company #5: HelloClue

HelloClue is a women's health application founded by CEO Ida Tin, a Danish entrepreneur and author.

Tin is also credited with coining the term "FemTech" in 2013.

The Clue app monitors and analyzes data to provide information about health and the menstrual cycle.

 Company #6: Planet FWD

Planet FWD, founded by Julie Collins, is a tool that helps businesses track their carbon footprint.

With the increasing need for sustainability due to the influence of climate change, businesses can use Planet FWD to quickly calculate their carbon footprint and make necessary changes.

 Company #7: ClickMedix

The ClickMedix platform was founded by Ting Shih to help healthcare providers and organizations reach more patients through telemedicine, significantly reducing waiting times.

 Company #8: Millibatt

Millibatt, co-founded by Janet Hur, manufactures small rechargeable batteries for wearable devices, biomedical applications, and IoT sensors.

The technology used in these small batteries provides more than twice the energy density of conventional small batteries.

 Company #9: Motivo

Motivo, founded by Rachel McCrickard, is the first online platform that connects mental health therapists with clinical mentors through live teleconsultations for greater convenience and effectiveness.

 Company #10: Attune

Attune, co-founded by Serene Almomen, is an IoT platform that provides secure wireless solutions for data collection and control of all mechanical, hydraulic, and environmental systems in any given building.

 Company #11: Timeless

Timeless is a mobile application that enables Alzheimer's patients to live a better life in their daily routines.

Founded by Emma Yang, it connects Alzheimer's patients with friends and family, reminding them of daily events to help them remember their loved ones.

 Company #12: Maven Clinic

Maven Clinic is the first virtual clinic dedicated to women's health and family care.

Founded in 2014 by Katherine Ryde, its main purpose is to connect working women with doctors through its platform while providing some health education as well.

 Company #13: Verge Genomics

Verge Genomics is a biotechnology company founded by Alice Zhang.

Using artificial intelligence, it aims to discover new drugs for brain diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

 Company #14: Airwallex

Airwallex, founded in 2015 by Lucy Liu, aims to simplify international payments.

Today, its services have expanded beyond cross-border payments, including banking accounts, online payment acceptance, and application programming interfaces (APIs).

 Ramping Up

We discussed 14 popular women-led tech companies and the innovative solutions they have offered in our daily lives.

We understand that despite the challenges, the contribution of women in technology is significant.

After all, technology, artificial intelligence, and data science can transform every industry in unique ways.

If you want to learn more and explore the promising field of data science, go ahead and follow us to stay updated on the latest trends in our blog!

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