Upskilling in tech – does it really make a difference career-wise?

Everybody keeps talking about upskilling these days. Especially in tech. Are they right? Does it really make a difference? Let's see. In tech, developments are rapid and continuous - innovation is in everyday language. Could the job market not follow suit? Not really.
Undoubtedly employers are looking for professionals that are up to the challenge and have the knowledge and skills necessary to tackle real-life problems. The good news is that new in-demand skills give you yet another opportunity to stand out as a candidate and offer value to an ambitious company.


Are your skills up to date?

The 4th Industrial Revolution brought Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and the Internet of Things into our lives and created new conditions in the job market. Today, the only way to stay current and in-demand is to upgrade your skills constantly - yes, flexibility is now the number one skill.

Just make sure to find programs that address the real needs of the industry and combine academic knowledge with the development of personal skills.

According to research, new technologies are already reshaping jobs and create a demand for new skills. If you want to succeed and grow professionally, it's essential to develop the personal skills that make you unique and irreplaceable.

Today technological knowledge is a given, so it's critical to develop skills such as:

 analytical and critical thinking

 leadership and communication skills

 effective presentation of data

 ability to learn new things


Digital transformation is presenting new opportunities

In Greece, the digital transformation both in the private and public sectors is changing the working landscape. With the Greece 2.0 program, the country harmonizes with the goals of the European Union and adheres to a digital development model. According to the National Recovery and Sustainability Plan, 2.36 billion euros will be used for the country's digital and technological transition.

As a result, new impressive opportunities are about to appear in technology and Data Science. With the public sector digitizing its services rapidly, the general shift in perceptions and mentalities is not surprising - advanced technologies are digitally transforming most businesses. More and more new and established companies open their doors to people with up-to-date qualifications who can make a difference and lead them to success.


Corporate teams – customized upskilling

By 2022, more than 54% of all employees will need to upskill to meet the demands of the job market. Companies recognize the value of upskilling not only on a personal level - for the development of the employee - but also on a company level in terms of viability in this highly competitive world.

Companies today recognize that corporate training can offer many benefits. On a global scale, they undertake the training and upgrading of their employees' skills in both technical topics and interpersonal abilities. Responding to this need, Big Blue Data Academy offers flexible programs for companies designed to meet their needs.


What's in a great CV today?

Today upskilling is a necessity, and this is surely reflected in the requirements of employers and human resource departments. A good CV must highlight your development both technically and personally. A University degree is an important starting point, but up-to-date knowledge and proof that you are constantly evolving will make your CV stand out. For employers, continuous learning is essential as it proves your ability to adapt and grow - both extremely necessary today. Especially in technology, a Bootcamp that bridges the academic knowledge with the needs of the industry provides a significant advantage to candidates who want to develop their skills or even change career.


How can I upskill?

Today you have several options for upskilling. There are MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), webinars, and other educational programs that can help you learn something new in weeks. You may also consider getting a degree or postgraduate qualification from a Greek or international university. Something that will take more time and will be more theory-based. If you're looking to upgrade critical skills in a short amount of time, you should consider signing up for a Bootcamp. Here you can explore your options for the different programs based on duration, cost, and effectiveness.

Big Blue Data Academy organizes full-time or part-time Data Science Bootcamp programs that prepare you for work by providing the tools and skills that employers really care about.

Big Blue Data Academy supports women 

If you are a woman interested in machine learning or artificial intelligence, a unique opportunity to upskill is available to you, and the Big Blue Data Academy is here to support you. Contact us for more information. 

By Evgenia Profi