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October 01 - December 10

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30 September

About the program

Professional Diploma in Data Analytics

Data Analytics is an exciting field that aims to analyze, interpret, and visualize data with the purpose to create insights for business decisions. There is an increasing demand for Data Analysts worldwide, with attractive employment prospects across a wide range of industries and organizations.

This program is designed to provide participants from a variety of backgrounds with a well-rounded immersion to the fundamentals of Data Analytics theory and practice. The diploma is taught by Data Science professionals with extensive industry experience. The content is delivered in an engaging approach, combining fundamental concepts with the practical application of tools through live demonstrations and lab sessions.

Who is this program for?

This Professional Diploma is designed for undergraduates, graduates (Bachelor, Master, or Ph.D.), and professionals aiming to enhance their knowledge and skills to pursue careers as Data Analysts, Business Intelligence Analysts, and Data Officers.

Programming experience is not required. 

Course Info
10 weeks | 106 hours
(45 hours exercises)
Language: Greek
Content: English
Tuesday & Thursday
4 fixed Saturdays
(See FAQ below)
Program benefits

Start your career in Data Analytics

Data Analytics is the fastest-growing domain in Industry 4.0, and will remain in great demand for the next decade. Data is now the most valuable resource globally. Value is created when data is collected, connected to other relevant data, and processed through data analytics methods and tools that turn into actionable insights and business knowledge.

The Professional Diploma in Data Analytics is a hands-on, low-code course. In this course, you will learn how to:

Analyse data

Apply principles relating to data representation, retrieval, and analysis

Data patterns

Detect data patterns and draw inferences and conclusions supported by data by using data analytics methodologies

Critical thinking

Develop critical thinking skills associated with problem identification and problem-solving

Program outline

What you will learn

We designed this program so that you gain valuable knowledge and insights in the field of Data Analytics. You will also be exposed to platforms and tools that are widely used in the industry, such as Python, SQL and Power Bi.


  • Intro to Data Anaytics
  • Python essentials I
  • Python essentials II
  • Python essentials III
  • Advanced Python

Descriptive Analytics

  • Descriptive Analytics I
  • Descriptive Analytics II
  • Data Analytics with Pandas
  • Linear Algebra and Calculus
  • Data Analytics Lab

Big Data

  • Databases and Big Data


  • SQL essentials
  • Advanced SQL
  • SQL Lab

Visualisation & Power BI

  • Interactive Dashboards
  • Power Bi I
  • Power Bi II
  • Power Bi III
  • Power Bi Lab

Predictive Analytics

  • Data Science Lifecycle and Kinds of Machine Learning
  • Data pre-processing and Evaluation
  • Predictive Models
  • Business Cases and  Future trends in Data Analytics
  • Datathlon

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Teachning Hours





Female students

A day on campus

Learning in-class at Deree - The American College of Greece campus

The program is delivered in person at Deree - The American College of Greece campus, offering participants the opportunity to interact and learn by doing. The collaboration of the Big Blue Data Academy and Deree - The American College of Greece guarantees an educational experience of the highest standard. Shared guiding principles include student-centered learning, and the balance between theoretical knowledge and practical application, providing a meaningful participant experience. 


Deree – School of Graduate and Professional Education

Deree – School of Graduate and Professional Education

At the School of Graduate and Professional Education, the guiding values include student-centered learning, scholarship, and ethical citizenship, all equally contributing to a first-class education. Students enjoy access to the abundant Deree resources, like the outstanding learning facilities.

Our team is always by your side!  

Our team is always by your side!  

Our team of experts will be supporting you every step of the way, providing you with valuable feedback. Our instructors and teaching assistants are always present to mentor you, help solve problems and review your progress.

Group project: Datathon

Work on a group project and join a Datathon competition 

At the final stage of the program, you and your colleagues will be challenged to solve practical problems by applying data analytics tools and techniques. 

Be creative

The Big Blue Data Academy & Deree - The American College of Greece DATATHON is a data-focused hackathon where you will be given a dataset and a limited amount of time to build, test, and explore solutions using your creativity and data analytics skills.  

Work together

You will work together in teams to generate insights and potential solutions to real business cases. 


Tuition Fees

Special Offer Seats

30 Sep

Start Date


Seats left

890€ 1.050€


Fees are payable in up to 6 installments. A personal laptop is necessary during the courses.
For companies (2+ participants) please contact us.

Our instructors

The Saturdays on which the labs for the Professional Diploma in Data Analytics will take place are:

  • 02.11.2024
  • 09.11.2024
  • 23.11.2024
  • 07.12.2024
  • Maximum absences: 4 weekly days and 1 lab
  • Success on the final examination
  • Participation in Datathlon, contributes 10% to the final score

Prof. Diploma awared by Deree - The American College of Greece & Big Blue Data Academy Switzerland by Accredible

Registration cancellations received before the beginning of the course are entitled to a 100% refund of the amount paid; cancellations received after its beginning are not entitled to any refund.

Prof. Diploma in Data Analytics

January 30 - April 09