10 Important Statistics About Women in Tech

The female factor has created a positive impact on the technology industry, steadily moving towards greater support and encouragement for women to actively participate in technological professions, seeking more job opportunities.

In today's article, we have gathered 10 statistics about women in tech, for women who may be interested in entering this field or a company that is making systematic efforts to reduce the gender gap.

Some significant statistics about women in tech that we will analyze are as follows:

 50% of women leave the technology industry by the age of 35.

 Women's representation in tech companies stands at 48%.

 79% of women in the technology sector have experienced imposter syndrome at work.

 According to 52% of women, tech companies would attract more women by providing more female role models.

 94% of women feel that companies expect more from them.

 75% of women in the tech field say they are constantly required to handle more administrative tasks.

 1 in 5 women in tech are considering leaving their roles.

 Companies with greater gender diversity have a 48% higher chance of outperforming companies with less diversity.

 Women hold fewer than 1 in 4 technical roles in Big Tech companies.

 Women make up only 8.2% of CEOs in S&P 500 companies.

Let'd dive deeper into them.

 Statistic #1: 50% of Women Leave the Tech Industry by the Age of 35

According to research by Zippia, 50% of women leave the tech industry by the age of 35, while in other fields, this number is only 20%.

There are various reasons why women claim to leave the technology sector. 

As we can see in the graph:

 37% consider the poor company culture as the main reason.

 31% express dissatisfaction with the specific job.

 22% state an interest in a different role outside the industry.

 10% attribute it to the lack of diversity in the workplace.

 Statistic #2: Women's Representation in Tech Companies Stands at 48%

According to Statista, women's representation in the overall workforce in tech companies ranges from 43% to 48% in a selected sample of countries, except for India, where it is only 20% of the total workforce.

However, the percentage of women working in tech teams is only 20% to 23%.

 Statistic #3: 79% of Women in the Tech Sector Have Experienced Imposter Syndrome at Work

According to Zippia, in 2020 and 2021, 78-79% of women in the tech sector reported experiencing imposter syndrome at work, occasionally feeling that they need to work harder than their colleagues to prove their worth.

 Statistic #4: Tech Companies Would Attract More Women by Providing More Female Role Models

According to research, 52% of women who participated stated that companies would be more successful in attracting women to tech roles if they had more female role models.

In fact, female students pursuing degrees in tech are 27% more likely to seek employment in this field if they have a positive perception of the employees and positive role models in the industry.

 Statistic #5: 94% of Women Feel that Companies Expect More from Them

According to research by Navisite, women in the tech sector face more challenges in this field.

In their study, Navisite surveyed over 100 women in the tech industry.

The results show that 94% of women feel that they are subjected to stricter scrutiny and are often required to handle more administrative duties compared to their male colleagues.

Furthermore, 61% believe they have missed out on promotion or job opportunities due to their gender.

 Statistic #6: 75% of Women in the Technology Field Say They Constantly Have to Handle More Administrative Tasks

According to Navisite, women are often responsible for the majority of administrative tasks.

These tasks often include sending meeting invitations and arranging meeting rooms.

Additionally, 86% of women mentioned in the same report that they are considered overly emotional in the workplace.

 Statistic #7: 1 in 5 Women in Tech are Considering Leaving Their Roles

According to a survey by WeAreTechWomen, 58% of respondents stated that role models are among the factors that attract them to companies, while 55% of those who had access to mentoring believed it had a positive impact on their careers.

Additionally, for 84% of women, salary has become the primary motivator for their participation in the technology industry.

 Statistic #8: Companies with Greater Gender Diversity Have 48% Higher Chances of Outperforming Companies with Less Diversity

According to McKinsey's research, there is a strong relationship between diversity in leadership teams and the likelihood of increased economic performance.

In fact, companies with greater gender diversity have a 48% higher chance of outperforming companies with less gender diversity.

 Statistic #9: Women Hold Fewer Than 1 in 4 Technical Roles in Big Tech Companies

According to Statista, while the percentage of women in the U.S. workforce stands at 47%, it remains significantly lower in the tech sector.

As we can see in the chart, based on data from respective companies, women make up 29% (Microsoft) and 45% (Amazon) of the total workforce in major American technology companies, such as the well-known GAFAM group.

However, when examining actual job positions in the tech sector, women hold fewer than 1 in 4 technical roles in each company (except for Amazon, where data is not provided).

 Statistic #10: Women Hold 8.2% of CEOs in S&P 500 Companies

Regarding leadership positions, women's representation in the technology sector, as seen in the above chart, is approximately at the same level as the rest of the economy.

According to research by Catalyst, women hold 32% of board director positions and 8.2% of CEO positions in S&P 500 companies.

 In Summary

We have examined several interesting statistics about women in tech.

It is evident that gender equality in the workplace still has a long way to go, and based on the statistics we have seen, the tech industry has taken some significant steps.

However, what matters is that constant efforts are being made to integrate women into the field of technology.

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