Why should you learn Python today?

Python is the most popular programming language in the industry. Today there are even Python courses for kids. They not only learn English or French but also Python. And there are many important reasons for this. Not just for the students but also for you who want to make a career in the fast-growing field of Data Science. 

Yep, Python programming language named after Monty Python!

Python is an alive programming language named after the British comedy series Monty Python! Despite the interesting name it is a high-level language with many applications in computer science and especially in Data Science. Today, with the fast-paced development of artificial intelligence, and Machine Learning, Python opens a window to the world.

It was created in the late ‘80s and follows the structure of the English language, which makes it easier to read and write than other programming languages.

Let's take a look at the reasons why worth learning:


1 - Python is a multi-purpose language

Among other programming languages, Python is an easy and flexible language and at the same time a very useful tool and finds application in several new areas such as app development, website design, and data analysis. It is used extensively in Data Science, AI, Machine Learning, Embedded Systems, and many other projects. It is much easier to expand than others and is becoming increasingly popular especially among professionals who make extensive use of statistics and/or mathematics.


2 - Python is the fastest-growing programming language

Python finds applications in many fields - especially in Data Science but not only - its use is expanding rapidly. Following the evolution of artificial intelligence and machine learning, Python is on a dynamic growth trajectory. According to GitHub and Google Trends in 2020 surpassed in popularity even the first for many years Java.


3 - Python is an important skill for the job applications

Nowadays knowing English or French is not enough to impress your employer. Now every tech professional needs to know at least one easy-to-use and popular programming language like Python. According to LinkedIn it is one of the most in-demand tech skills today. Large companies like Google, Instagram, and Dropbox all rely on Python for their versatile suite of products and platforms.


4 - Python is easy

Python was created to remove complexity and leave only what is necessary. From its conception, it is a language created to be simple to learn, read and write. It is a readable language with a simple syntax that allows users to move quickly and achieve results. Users can immediately run any line of code and see their work in action without having to complete the entire program before realizing that a character is missing somewhere.

Interested in learning Python?

Big Blue Data Academy's Introduction to Python for Data Science course is for those who don't know any programming languages! 

In our course you will learn:

  • to write code from day one 
  • how to build programs that automate processes
  • how to analyze large volumes of data with Pandas
  • how to build visualizations that make an impression


And that's just the beginning! After this course you will be able to join the Data Science Bootcamp and develop your career as a Data Scientist / Analyst!

Big Blue Data Academy