The 7 Best ChatGPT Plugins for Data Science

As is well known, ChatGPT provides data and updates up to September 2021 in its free version.

Since the release of the GPT-4 model through the plus account, many available ChatGPT plugins have made their appearance, expanding its capabilities beyond text generation.

Through the upgrade to a plus account, pathways have opened for workflow automation and even code execution through prompts in the language model.

The ChatGPT Plugins we will see today are as follows:




Noteable Notebook

Code Interpreter



Let's start with the first plugin on our list.

Plugin #1: WebPilot

Το WebPilot is a significant ChatGPT plugin for data science.

It is open source and allows users to engage in live conversations with various websites.

All one needs to do using this plugin is input a URL and request, for example, information extraction related to the content.

These requests may include tasks such as translation and rewriting, among others.

Moreover, workflow automation is facilitated, eliminating the need for users to switch pages or perform constant copy-pasting.

Plugin #2: ScholarAI

Another ChatGPT plugin is ScholarAI.

Using this plugin, data scientists can easily search for studies to support their scientific research or their projects in Python and Machine Learning with precise and reliable information.

Data scientists constantly seek updated information regarding the latest research in Machine Learning and AI.

Therefore, by using the ScholarAI plugin, valuable time and effort are saved.

Plugin #3: Wolfram

Continuing, another helpful data science plugin is Wolfram.

Wolfram enhances ChatGPT's capabilities by providing access to a plethora of sources, calculations, and visualization through the Wolfram Alpha and Wolfram Language platforms.

This particular plugin, capable of performing precise mathematical calculations, proves valuable for ChatGPT when, for example, solving mathematical equations and handling complex requests.

Plugin #4: Noteable Notebook

Using the Noteable Notebook plugin, users can extract data through SQL queries.

Furthermore, a data scientist can perform data analysis and visualization simply by using a prompt in ChatGPT.

This plugin is particularly useful for automating the data analysis process, as it allows for the easy submission of a dataset and the direct extraction of data from an SQL server.

Plugin #5: Code Interpreter

The Code Interpreter from OpenAI is a useful ChatGPT plugin for both data scientists and Python developers, as it enables the execution of Python code in real-time in a virtual environment.

By using the Code Converter, users can perform various tasks such as data analysis, visualization, as well as testing and debugging Python code.

Plugin #6: ChatWithGit

Moving on, another ChatGPT plugin is ChatWithGit.

This plugin helps users enhance and improve their programming skills by providing context from GitHub.


Users can easily search for and retrieve sections of code related to their search queries.

Plugin #7: Zapier

Lastly, the final plugin on our list is the Zapier ChatGPT plugin.

Using this plugin, users can easily connect a variety of applications, such as Gmail and Slack, and perform various tasks directly within ChatGPT.

This automates workflows, saving time for other data science tasks.

In Sum

In summary, we've detailed the top 7 ChatGPT plugins for data science, along with the advantages each one offers.

ChatGPT is indeed a powerful tool that provides many benefits and uses for businesses and professionals in the field of data science.

However, with the use of these essential plugins mentioned above, its capabilities have been greatly enhanced.

Sp, if you are intrigued and want to dive deeper into the world of data science, follow us for more educational articles and we will keep you posted!

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