Data Science in Greece - want to know more?

Data science offers = valuable tools to companies that want to be competitive in today's advancing digital world. It provides the methods and statistics needed to analyze data and extract useful information through programming. This information can be used for marketing, advertisement, research, and development and proves an extremely powerful resource for a company to gain a competitive advantage, grow and evolve. In Greece, Data Science may still be at an early stage; however, many companies have already started adopting and using its techniques.


Huge ROI in Data Science

Many experts say that data is the 'oil' of this century since all information extracted from the billions of bytes created daily can have a powerful impact on society - if used correctly. Every company should adopt Data Science techniques since a small investment in human expertise will bring a huge return on investment. In Greece, out of the top 100 start-ups in Greece, 64 use Data Science to some extent. Even start-ups with a relatively small budget invest in Data Science and gain significant benefits.


Greek start-ups and Data Science

Figure 1 shows the start-up categories and the extend of using Data Science to increase efficiencies and productivity. Hopefully, some of them are already developing international activity.




Figure 2 shows Greek start-ups around the world using Data Science. They are present in all continents, mainly in Europe and America.


Data Science opportunities in Greece

Today, there are about 55 open positions in Greece for professionals specializing in Data Science, AI, and Machine Learning. This is a good indicator of the demand for Data Scientists and the potential for new job positions in the market. A community must now be created that will help new knowledge spread and evolve. Furthermore, collaboration between companies and universities is crucial to apply university research to real-life problems successfully.

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By Ilias Chamatidis