6 Leadership Tips for Women in Tech (2023)

Often, we observe that the female factor, despite making steady progress in the technology sector, continues to be absent from leadership positions.

According to a Zippia study, women hold less than 20% of leadership positions in the tech field.

Specifically, only 19% of Senior Vice Presidents and 15% of CEOs in the tech industry are women.

So, if you are leading a technology team or aspiring to advance your career, we have gathered the following 6 leadership tips for women in tech that you should know:

 Focus on the power of speech

 Advocate for establishing a culture of equality

 Continuously monitor your field

 Empower other women

 Have vision and goals

 Harness the power of empathy in the workplace

Let's get started!

 Tip #1: Focus on the Power of Speech

Achieving a desired position requires dedication, personal development, and hard work.

This is especially true for women trying to enter traditionally male-dominated roles.

According to Zippia's research, 39% of women in the tech field stated that gender bias is a major obstacle to promotion. 

Additionally, 72% of women in the technology field report that men outnumber women in meetings by at least a 2:1 ratio.

Therefore, in order for women to become better leaders, they need to have confidence in their abilities, not shy away from speaking up in discussions until they are fully confident in their answers, and be willing to take risks.

 Tip #2: Advocate for Establishing a Culture of Equality

Many women have faced and continue to face the consequences of the gender gap in their careers.

In order to lead and be considered equal in the workplace, they must demand the respect they deserve.

It is important for them to express the significance of their inclusion and how they can contribute to the organizational development of the company.

Moreover, the participation of women in leadership positions has multiple benefits for the entire company they work for.

Specifically, in 2020, companies on Forbes's list had a 66% increase in ROI (Return on Investment) if they had at least three women in leadership roles.

Furthermore, these companies also had an estimated purchasing power of 5 trillion dollars, confirming that companies are at greater risk by not placing women in leadership roles than by placing them in these positions.

 Tip #3: Continuously Monitor Your Field

Another important leadership tip and an indication of a good tech leader is someone who keeps track of their industry, is informed about trends, and is knowledgeable about advancements.

Data science and technology, in general, are constantly changing, evolving, and strengthening.

Therefore, it is important to do your research, monitor your competitors, and stay updated on new trends in technology, whether it's data science and machine learning or any other technological and scientific field.

 Tip #4: Empower Other Women

Another leadership tip for women in tech is empowering other women.

Women who take on leadership roles in tech or are just entering the field need to set an example to encourage and motivate other women to advocate for themselves, promoting equality within the company.

Furthermore, having guidance from women who serve as mentors to other women has significant benefits.

In an article for Forbes magazine, Maryann Bruce, an experienced corporate executive and former President and CEO of Fortune 100 Division, emphasizes the importance of mentoring as one of the most critical strategies to bridge the gender gap in business leadership.

According to her, "When more women lead, a diverse leadership team is created, open to discussing multiple perspectives, which improves decision-making and strengthens the organization to face future challenges”.

 Tip #5: Have a Vision and Goals

Another important leadership tip is to have a clear vision and goals.

Leadership in the tech industry is intertwined with having a vision and goals for effective process improvement and workflow enhancement.

With clear goals, it becomes easier to measure both your own performance and that of the team you are leading.

Furthermore, adaptability is essential to achieve the goals you have set.

In an ever-changing environment, adopting an adaptive leadership style is key to discovering new and innovative strategies and addressing challenges through creativity, transparency, and maintaining composure under pressure.

 Tip #6: Harness the Power of Empathy in the Workplace

As we have emphasized in previous articles, soft skills are equally important as hard skills.

Empathy is a particularly crucial soft skill that distinguishes a leader in technology and beyond.

While empathy can be developed, it is interesting to note that women tend to naturally possess a more developed sense of this soft skill, as supported by the following study.

Specifically, a research study conducted by Korn Ferry Hay Group, using data from 55,000 professionals in 90 countries, found that women outperform men in nearly all measurements of emotional intelligence.

According to the same research, other abilities in which women excel are coaching and mentoring, inspired leadership, conflict management, and adaptability.

Therefore, women can use emotional intelligence as a driving force to lead and harmonize with a diverse workforce, focusing on people as well as results.

 In Summary

We have seen in detail 6 leadership tips for women in tech to promote diversity in businesses and foster innovation.

To bridge the gap in technology and encourage the gradual participation of more women in this field, it is important to stay informed about technology trends, as mentioned earlier.

If you are intrigued and want to learn more about such topics, follow us and we will keep you posted!

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