Coding Bootcamp vs Data Science Bootcamp. Which one suits to me?

Today, the digital technology sector is evolving dynamically in Greece and internationally, and of course, the labor market is constantly expanding. As a result of this development, more and more Coding Bootcamps and Data Science Bootcamps are appearing. Are you wondering what their similarities and differences are? What does it mean to be a programmer and what does it mean to be a Data Scientist?

Let's compare Coding Bootcamp vs Data Science Bootcamp here to know which one is right for you.

Focus on IT

Both bootcamp programs include programming training. Students are taught programming languages ​​and delve into the functions and environment of computing. Other than that, differences start. The developer will focus on creating digital products via JAVA while Data Scientist will focus on analyzing and processing digital data via Python. For Data Scientist, programming is one of the tools he uses to create business value from data.

Bootcamp: the common feature

The main similarity is that both bootcamp are intensive training programs in the field of information technology. The concept of Bootcamp was launched in 2011 to meet the market needs of software engineers and has grown rapidly. Bootcamp is so popular because emphasizes the practical skills needed in the industry to produce results. Other Data Science training options do not provide the required connection to real business problems and market needs.

Prerequisites in Coding Bootcamp - Data Science Bootcamp

In choosing Coding or Data Science you should take into account the level of your knowledge of specific topics. Coding Bootcamp does not require knowledge of any programming language. However, to attend a Data Science Bootcamp it is important to already have a basic knowledge of Python, math and statistics. But even if you do not know how to program, there are several free courses in Python, like this one, that can help you get started before entering the program. The transition to Data Science requires the right basic knowledge and of course an appetite for work.

Rhythm and duration

In both cases, there is a need for fast-paced programs that provide students with the knowledge needed in the job market. They last from three to six months depending on whether they are full-time or part-time respectively. They have a very solid and comprehensive structure in order to quickly provide the practical knowledge that the industry needs today. Well-organized curricula such as the Big Blue Data Academy bridge the gap between theory and practice and connect students to the job market.

Coding Bootcamp or Data Science Bootcamp? The right choice for you

Many people today ask us what is right for them. And the answer is that the right choice for you is determined by your personal goals.

  • Do you want to work with a team of developers who create applications and digital products?
  • Or do you prefer to work in an environment where analysts process data and direct business decision-making?

The Data Science option definitely gives a different dynamic to your professional career as it is the intersection of the three spaces:

  • Coding
  • Business
  • Maths + Statistics

Here you can learn more about the Big Science Data Academy Data Science Bootcamp that you can attend full-time for three months or part-time for six months.

The Big Blue Data Academy also offers scholarships to women candidates in partnership with Women On Top, as well as reduced Early Bird tuition if you book early.

If you want more information about your career choice you can contact us here.

By Evgenia Profi